• Splash Dynamic - An Intermediate/Advance Watercolor Workshop with Tim Saternow

    For Beginner and Intermediate Levels

    Splash Dynamic will explore the bold sunlight/deep shadows and textures of landscape watercolor painting.
    Tim’s most important aspect in painting is value – the lights and darks that create drama and depth.   He builds his transparent watercolor paintings in the studio using the Renaissance technique of ‘grisaille’ - an initial value painting using the range of one color.  Glazes of ‘local color’ are then applied.
    Painters are encouraged to paint up on easels. Tim will show how he ‘deconstructs’ the initial value grisaille painting by the use of thrown water, splatters, spray bottles, big brushes, runs and blooms.
    This workshop will begin with a perspective drawing review on the sketch brought by the participants. This pencil sketch should be drawn on the watercolor sheet before the workshop.   *Subject matter must include a minimum of 60-75% architectural elements: buildings, streets, farms, houses, etc. (Less sky, more buildings!)
    Be prepared to produce one or two large paintings during this workshop (Minimum size: 15x22” (half sheet); maximum size: 30x22”). A full description and list of materials will be available.
    Each participant will bring their own research sketches and photos that will be used as reference.   

    Dates: Saturday, February 20 and Sunday February 21, 2016

    Hours:  11 AM - 5PM
    Fee:  $250 for both days    

    Location:  Steamer Firehouse Gallery, 117 Main Street, Ossining, NY

    We will produce at least one correct perspective drawing, with light and shadow, from your own research.

    Topics include: picture plane, different illusions of depth, aerial or atmospheric perspective, horizon line, vanishing point(s), orthogonal, one-point, two-point and multi point perspective.

    To Sign Up for Tim's Workshop, Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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